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Devon caves are not as long or deep as in the major UK caving areas, but they are often well decorated, sporting and particularly rich in cave life. None of those below absolutely need tackle (it might however be helpful). The ones listed below are the larger caves and will all can keep the average caver busy for 2 hours or more. Finding good descriptions and surveys of Devon caves is particularly tricky, a few pointers at the bottom should help.

Pridhamsleigh (Prid)

Devon's most popular cave. Access is straightforward, you pay per person at the shed on route to the cave. The cave itself is a maze of slippery passages with a lake at the bottom. Good fun and lots to explore. Popular with outdoor groups.

Dog Hole

Very close to Prid. The first part of the cave is open access and easy, the best bit, the Dog Leg Extensions are gated. The key is available from DCUC and is part of the hut key pack. The Extensions start off tight (tricky if you have long legs) and lead to some well decorated chambers and grottos.

Bakers Pit

Situated in the centre of Buckfastleigh near the burnt out church. The cave is gated and a key is available from DCUC and can be left at the hut, a small charge is made. The cave starts with a series of fixed ladders leading to some good sized bouldery caverns. A range of well decorated, complex side passages, and the very extensive Plymouth Extensions make this potentially the longest and most complex trip in Devon.

Reeds Cavern

Situated in Higher Kiln Quarry, this cave is gated and requires a leader. Contact the William Pengelly Cave Studies Trust with plenty of notice to book one. The cave consists of a winding passage that pops through a calcite grill into the large Easter Chamber. From here the lower series leads to the "Little Man" formation, but for a full sporting workout the Upper series is a must.

Afton Red Rift

Probably Devon's best sporting trip. This cave is gated, the key is available from DCUC and is part of the hut key pack. An excellent round trip can be followed which includes some sporting traversing and an ascent of the main rift. Well decorated in places.


This cave provides an interesting well decorated round trip, and is situated in Plymouth. Access via DCUC.

Clifford's Cave

Cliffords is an open access cave near the Kate Brook in Chudliegh. Most of it is crawling and it features an active streamway, pretty rare for Devon. Its great fun and is very muddy. Sometimes it gets blocked by badger activity just inside of the entrance.

For more information on any of the above caves and in some cases other Devon caves see the following;


Top of the Pots by Des Marshall and Donald Rust

Provides reasonable descriptions for the major caves and location maps, access contacts out of date

Concise Caves of Devon by Tony Oldham

Provides a list of most Devon caves, but often poor descriptions and unreliable grid references, access conditions completely out of date


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