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Terms Of Use

The Bunkhouse is available for booking on a sole use basis, or for smaller groups where you may find yourself sharing with other groups (we do not cater for individual travellers). Whether any particular night is being used for sole use or not is based on a first come first served basis.

Please Note: We do not cater for individual travellers and we are not a "backpackers hostel" as we do not have the facilities for guests to turn up on spec.

All use of the bunkhouse whether sole use or not, must be pre-booked. To secure a provisional booking a booking form must be completed and returned to the bunkhouse warden. This again is on a first come first served basis.

While we will endeavour to process all bookings, we can not guarantee to be able to process late bookings (even if the bunkhouse has availability), please contact the Bunkhouse Warden for details.

Under 18's are welcome at the South Dartmoor Bunkhouse if with a parent/guardian or as part of a properly led youth group. If there are under 18's then they are the full responsibility of the person making the booking, and we also do require you take out a "sole use" booking. Please note there are no special facilities for very young children.

Dogs / Pets are not allowed.

The Bunkhouse Warden has the authority to decline bookings as they deem appropriate without recourse or reason.

Procedure For Booking

  1. Check the dates you require on our Availability Calendar
  2. Submit the on-line booking form - If the form does not work please contact us
  3. The bunkhouse warden will notify you of your provisional booking
  4. Send the non refundable deposit to the bunkhouse warden within 10 days to confirm your booking
  5. Full payment will be required before your stay.
  6. Bunkhouse access details will be sent during the week before your booking.
  7. Details of how to get to us can be found on the find us page.


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