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It's All Here On The Doorstep Of The South Dartmoor Bunkhouse

About Dartmoor

The 368 square miles of Dartmoor offers a vast area of outstanding natural beauty, together with  boot sucking bogs, dense rolling mists and weird looking tors springing from the heather and bracken. Although regarded as a remote wilderness,  it has been shaped by humans over thousands of years, as can be seen by the granite quarries and ancient settlements.

Dartmoor provides a home for varied wildlife such as wild birds, reptiles and amphibians.  The moor is also used to graze farm animals, including the famous Dartmoor Ponies, which have very little fear of humans and might steal your lunch.


For almost all activities the Dartmoor Ordnance Survey Explorer map is highly recommended.

Firing Ranges

Whenever going into the northern section of Dartmoor, always check the "Firing Notices" as there are three live firing ranges. Up to date information can be found on the the Ministry of Defence Dartmoor training area website.

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